Emerald is a Gem was once part of the Crystal Gems, during the war.


Emerald has the appearance of a young woman with very long light green hair reaching down to her waist, and is around 6'10" tall. She has an overall very laid back appearance fitting her characteristic as kind and caring. Her outfit is a cross halt crop top and a long floor length skirt. Her star adorns the side of her skirt . She is rarely seen with her weapons, which include a bow and arrow.


Emerald is generally a very kind and wise character. She is shown to care much about the human race and will go to great lengths keep them safe from harm. She was willing to fight in the Gem war without hesitantion. Although she may be the guardian of the humans, it is important to note that Emerald does not view them as flawless beings, and views them as quite selfish and destructive; however, she also believes that they themselves are no better than humans when it comes to fulfilling egoistic desires or ideals. Ironically, this might be why she firmly believes humans are the closest to the Gems and sees them worth protecting, similar to Rose's view.


  • Bow and Arrow