Chernobylite is a character in the series Kingdom Hearts.


She is very easy-going and sarcastic, even towards enemies, often speaking nonchalantly. She is usually shown to be arrogant and sassy, and will taunt enemies with her beauty. Ironically, she is actually shown to be a kind person. She also prefers non-violence, preferring that she and her "children" just sit down for a chat instead of causing chaos in her sanctum.


Chernobylite appears as an attractive woman with long blue hair that forms multiple ponytails with a gold ring at the top. She wears revealing clothes which exposes her knees and thighs on the bottom and her whole outfit is one suit which takes on the color of grey and purple.


  • Sword (as seen in the picture above)


  • "Chernobylite" is a name that some people call the city of Chernobyl, due to a crystal substance forming in the city.
  • Her gemstone is actually aquamarine, but she likes to be called Chernoyblite instead, stating that Aquamarine "just doesn't sound good".