Chalcedony "Chu-Chu" Quartz is the cousin of Steven Universe and niece of Greg Universe and Rose Quartz.


Chu-Chu is practically a crystal gem, but she is half gem, half gem dragon. Her mother Citrine (Rose's sister) created her out of bits of Quartz gems, clay and dragon blood. Due to her mother traveling the world, Chu-Chu lives with her cousin and the crystal gems. Dispite Chu-Chu not actually being human, she happens to be smitten by Onion.


Chu-Chu has big white hair, with a small ponytail held by her gem with ribbons.She also wear knee high blue boots. She wears a plain white dress with a star torso, with pale pink ribbons. She is also the same height as Onion.


Chu-Chu can morph into her giant dragon form at will, produced by a sparkly pink tornado swirling around her. She is able to breath fire, and talk to people telepathically, followed by super strength and flight. Unfortunately, Chu-Chu can't talk with her mouth in dragon form. Chu-Chu's transformation is made as a theory on where do her clothes go when she's in dragon form. The theory is often discussed by Ronaldo. She is also able to fuse with gems, dispite being created artificially.

Fling with Onion

Chu-Chu often admires Onion whenever he's around. Dispite the fact that she's not human, she dreams to be with him. She currently has a registry list of her dream wedding in her diary. It is currently unknown if Onion has the same feelings for her.


  • Chu-Chu's dragon for is approximately the same exact hight as Alexandrite.
  • Like Amethyst, Chu-Chu can eat human food.
  • If Chu-Chu's hair is ever down, then her hair would be at least 10 feet long.
  • Coincidentally, a Chalcedony gem is part of the Quartz family, just like Chu-Chu who currently has the maiden name Quartz.
  • Chu-Chu does not have a gem weapon, along with Peridot, Stevonnie, Lapis Lazuli, and Alexandrite.
  • Through early development, Chu-Chu was originally intended to be a rainbow furred puppy for Steven, but the idea was scrapped.
  • It is unknown where Chu-Chu's clothes go when she transforms into a dragon.
  • Unlike most gems who were created in the Homeworld and others being manufactured in The Kindergarten, Chu-Chu was in fact created on earth but in a different country. According to her mother Citrine, Chu-Chu was actually created in Puerto Rico during her travels.
  • Following that, Chu Chu is able to speak Spanish, Argentinian, Puerto Rican, Japanese and Nigerian.
  • At one point when Chu-Chu was 3, she actually attended pre school in Europe amongst human children, and passed at a 2nd grade reading level.
  • Chu Chu is similar to Anais Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball.
  • Both are smart compared to their relatives, short and intelligent despite their young ages.
  • Chu-Chu's dragon powers manifested when she turned 1.
  • Unlike all gems (and partially Steven) Chu-Chu can age in human years. According to her mother, she will be given her immortality when she turns at least 20 yrs.
  • It is most likely that Chu-Chu's gem is on her head band, this fact is currently unexplained.
  • Her creation is a reference to how Wonder Woman was created in DC Comics.
  • Chu-Chu happens to enjoy reading French comics, even though she does not speak French.