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• 1/27/2017

Steven Universe Roleplay Wiki

I just want everyone to know that this is not an active wiki, and is not being taken care of by staff anymore. If you are looking for somewhere to make Steven Universe OCs and fanons however, the Steven Universe Roleplay Wiki is somewhat active and is looking for users.
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• 12/31/2016


At a scale of 50 to 100 how much do you hate Steven universe

50 being it sucks and 100 being "I wish it never existed"
Idk I like it whenever I try to write out how much I hate it...
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• 9/11/2016

I just found a dead wiki..

Holy shit, what happened to everything on here?
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• 6/18/2016

Civil Wiki Suit

Hello Wiki, there has been lots of complaints from other wikis that our members have been patronizing/and or/ causing drama with other wikis. We might not agree with them, and you guys are very passionate in your beliefs, and I agree, I too can get hostile. This however does not mean we can go on other wiki chats, and in any way, shape or form, harrass members. Not in their main chat, wiki walls, private messages. We need to be the bigger people and let other wikis we dislike do their thing. So, if you are planning on raiding or attacking another wiki, please don't give our wiki a bad reputation. Because one person's actions translate back to the wiki, which makes us look immature. Please be peaceful, and civil! We are a community about sharing and creating content, it does not have to be division. Thank you!
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• 3/6/2016


Hi! I'm new here, and i've been getting fairly acquainted to the rules! I hope to get along well with everyone here and try not to screw up anything, hehe. Nice to be here :)
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• 3/14/2016

CSS Vote - Patroller Comments [Concluded]

Howdy! I'll just get straight to the point. For some people (and possibly more), the CSS for the patroller comments are a bit bright and blends in too well with the white text.

File:CSS more like CBSKidsDotOrg what.jpg I'm just here to hold a voting session for a change in the CSS. Maybe it's just my weak eyes, I dunno, but I'm just gonna bring this to attention anyway, if that's alright. You can either Support, be Neutral, or Oppose.
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• 3/14/2016

YTW's Chat Moderator Application! [Concluded]

YTW has applied for CM! They've done a very good job at Rollback, and want to switch postions! Please vote if you support this or oppose this!
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• 3/14/2016

Mr.Napcakes Forum Mod application! [Concluded]

MN has applied for Forum Mod! He meets all of the requirements, and has previously been staff here. Please vote wether you support or oppose his promotion!
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• 3/14/2016

IC and Rollback Applications [Concluded]

Hello, Fanon users! Now that the Chat Mod vote has ended, we can fill up these last spots: Image Control and Rollback!

YTW has applied for Rollback.
SSG has applied for Rollback.
Opal has applied for Rollback.
Iris has applied for Image Controller.
Please vote in {{Support}}, {{Neutral}}, or {{Oppose}} separately for each position. Make sure you have 25 edits and at least two weeks on the wiki! Reviving this rule because two users who were complete strangers to many frequenters voted on forums and maybe didn't know who or what they were voting for all that well.
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• 3/14/2016

Chat Moderator Polls! [Concluded]

Users have applied for Chat Moderator! These users are,
Renegade Enchido
All of them have enough time and edits to apply, and have show to be very good choices! Please vote on who you support for the position!
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• 3/14/2016

February Featured User [Concluded]

Vote for the user you think deserves to be featured user of the month. You can only vote one user but can edit your comment if you change your mind.
This thread will stay up for three to five days until an admin or bureaucrat announces the winner. The prize is a spot on the front page and a template to go on the user profile.
This year, you cannot vote for Amethystkitten as she was featured in January.
Happy voting!
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• 3/14/2016

Wiki Custom Cursor [Concluded]

Hello, Fanon! User YourTypicalWeirdo has brought up that the wiki can be coded to have a custom cursor and so it's up to you guys to decide!
Please vote using {{Support}}, {{Oppose}}, or {{Neutral}} as well as leave a suggestion or vote to what cursor you'd like to use!
Current Possibilities: Crystal Gem Star, Sapphire's Gem, Ruby's Gem, Garnet Gems (together)
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• 3/14/2016

Domorique's and SheepPuns Rollback application. [Concluded]

Domo and SheepPun have applied for Rollback! They're all experienced staff and good choices! Please vote weather you support or oppose their promotions! 
Thank you.
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• 3/14/2016

Image Control Gem CSS Changes [Concluded]

File:Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 11.30.18 AM.png Hey guys, it's the sole Image Control of this wiki, how are y'all doing? I made this voting thread with the permission of JinxBinx to discuss with all you lovely people a change i'd like to make for the Image Control gem.
It's a pretty simple proposition, and it only affects one person, me! Nobody else's gems would need to be changed or modified. So that's good.
Currently as it stands, the color blue does not fit in good with the wiki background, and visibly looks displeasing, and since we're getting tons of new gems like Yellow and Blue diamond, I thought, hey, IC should deserve some love.
My simple proposistion is to change from Lapis to Lapis Malachite

Add a photo to this galleryJSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"https://slot1-images.wikia.nocookie.net/__am/1511792980/group/-/wikia_photo_gallery_js","type":"js"},{"url":"https://slot1-images.wikia.nocookie.net/__am/1511792980/sass/background-dynamic%3Dfalse%26background-image%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fslot1-images.wikia.nocookie.net%252F__cb1468325243%252Fcommon%252Fskins%252Foasis%252Fimages%252Fthemes%252Fpattern_dots.png%26background-image-height%3D177%26background-image-width%3D194%26color-body%3D%2523ffffff%26color-body-middle%3D%2523b0c4de%26color-buttons%3D%2523006cb0%26color-community-header%3D%2523006cb0%26color-header%3D%2523002266%26color-links%3D%25236699ff%26color-page%3D%2523012e59%26oasisTypography%3D1%26page-opacity%3D70%26widthType%3D0/extensions/wikia/WikiaPhotoGallery/css/gallery.scss","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})It's a simple change, along with just needing to change blue to a visible teal. Thanks!
Support - 6
Oppose - 0
EDIT: Deleting my "evidence" because photo clutter
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• 1/23/2016

AMA | Dani and/ or Skies-Verse

You can ask me anything or you can ask my characters anything. FIRE AWAY!
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• 3/14/2016

CSS Changes [Concluded]

Another thread from Dani!
This time, we've come to the possibility of a position of Support Admin and the change of Bureaucrat gems.
First, the Support Admin will be getting its own spot, template, and css parameters just as it does on Canon and have a Cluster Gem for its icon. Please vote with Support, Neutral, and Oppose.
Next is changing the Bureaucrat icons from Peridot to Blue and/ or Yellow Diamonds. Please vote with Support, Neutral, and Oppose.
Finally, instead of Malachite for Rollback, we could change the icon and CSS for Rollback to Peridot. Please vote with Support, Neutral, and Oppose.
Please be sure you have at least one month on the wiki and a minimum of 25 edits. Thank you!
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• 3/14/2016

Monthly Polls [Concluded]

Hello again, Fanon Members! As you know we (try to) update the front page every month with the featured user and the monthly poll. Well, I had to put in my own idea for this month so I'd like to hear from you all!
What should be the topics for the next few polls? We can recycle after the new year has passed so any polls you want to go through again are fine now.
Thanks to everyone who has ideas!
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• 1/16/2016

DaniSkies Admin Application!

Dani has applied for Admin! Xe's done very well at Chat Moderator and Support Admin, two of Xyr's previous positions. You have to have at least a month on the wiki and 25 edit's to vote if you support or oppose this promotion! Thank you, and good luck Dani!
The thread will stay up for three days, and the favorable vote's decide the outcome!
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• 1/16/2016

New Year, New Theme

Hello again everyone! I know we recently had a voting thread for a new chat background but in a recent discussion, several users and I had thought maybe we could have a new theme for the new year!
Not only that, we would have one background for everything except for User Profiles, which would have their own background!

Main theme backgroundUser profile backgroundChat backgroundThese would be the coloursAdd a photo to this galleryJSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"https://slot1-images.wikia.nocookie.net/__am/1511792980/group/-/wikia_photo_gallery_js","type":"js"},{"url":"https://slot1-images.wikia.nocookie.net/__am/1511792980/sass/background-dynamic%3Dfalse%26background-image%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fslot1-images.wikia.nocookie.net%252F__cb1468325243%252Fcommon%252Fskins%252Foasis%252Fimages%252Fthemes%252Fpattern_dots.png%26background-image-height%3D177%26background-image-width%3D194%26color-body%3D%2523ffffff%26color-body-middle%3D%2523b0c4de%26color-buttons%3D%2523006cb0%26color-community-header%3D%2523006cb0%26color-header%3D%2523002266%26color-links%3D%25236699ff%26color-page%3D%2523012e59%26oasisTypography%3D1%26page-opacity%3D70%26widthType%3D0/extensions/wikia/WikiaPhotoGallery/css/gallery.scss","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})Please vote using Support {{Support}} , Neutral {{Neutral}}, and Oppose {{Oppose}}
For this vote, we ask you are fairly chat active and have at least 25 edits. Happy voting!
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• 1/12/2016

Chat Moderator Vote!

So, now that Patroller and IC have been filled, it's time for the Chat Moderator vote! Please vote for who you think should be CM! The applicant's are,
Renegade Enchidio
Good luck to the applicant's, and I'll be happy to see the winner!
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